Everybody's Somebody's Fool by Ed Gorman

Everybody's Somebody's Fool by Ed Gorman

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There is a body in a gazebo, and the chief suspect is not long for this world

Small-town lawyer and private detective Sam McCain is enjoying a cocktail party, dancing with a lovelier specimen than his five-foot-five-inch frame usually attracts, when the hostess confronts him with a problem the likes of which Good Housekeeping has never seen. There is a corpse in the backyard gazebo, and the party is definitely over.

The murdered girl was the twenty-year-old daughter of the town’s Cadillac dealer, a troubled young woman with a self-destructive streak. The police focus their investigation on her drag-racing boyfriend, local bad boy David Egan, whom McCain agrees to defend. When Egan dies in a freak car accident, the case seems closed. But examining the hot rod shows a cut brake line—and a motive for a killing far more complicated than good girl gone bad.

“Gripping, amusing, thoughtful and hugely entertaining.” —Dean Koontz on The Day the Music Died

“A fascinating time machine, recalling the arcana of a more innocent time.” —Publishers Weekly

“Another fine entry in a wonderful series.” —Booklist

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