Find Her a Grave by Collin Wilcox

Find Her a Grave by Collin Wilcox

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To honor a dying don’s last wish, a mob lieutenant searches for hidden diamonds

After seven years ruling his empire from prison, Don Carlo remains as powerful as ever, but his heart is beginning to fail. On the verge of death, he begs his right-hand man, Bacardo, to look after his family. Not his wife and children, the don explains, but Louise and Angela—his daughter and granddaughter from a beloved mistress who died long ago.

To Louise, the don bequeaths one million dollars in diamonds, hidden in a cemetery in a tiny California town. Securing her inheritance will mean mortal danger for Louise, Bacardo, and the private investigator they hire to help them—a moonlighting director named Alan Bernhardt. Bernhardt understands the risks, but also knows that the theater and the mafia have two things in common: the understanding that a professional is only as good as his word, and that the only way to survive is to act without fear.

“Collin Wilcox gets better and better.” —Tony Hillerman

“As always, Wilcox and Bernhardt deliver the goods.” —Booklist on Full Circle

“Persuasive . . . clever.” —Kirkus Reviews

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