Fools Rush In by Ed Gorman

Fools Rush In by Ed Gorman

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On the eve of the March on Washington, racial tensions flare in McCain’s small town

In the summer of 1963, freedom riders are crisscrossing the South, Martin Luther King is preparing for a march on Washington, and the people of Black River Falls, Iowa, are about to go to the polls. Senator Williams is cruising to reelection when a blackmailer starts sending him photos of his daughter arm in arm with a handsome black student. To save his campaign, Williams hires private investigator Sam McCain to talk sense into the crook, but the blackmailer is nowhere to be found—until McCain discovers him behind his shack, dead in the dirt, with a handsome black corpse beside him.

TV crews arrive with the police, to broadcast the horrible scene across the state. As Black River Falls threatens to erupt into all-out race war, Iowa will have much more to worry about than Election Day. Searching for the savage killer, McCain learns that quiet prejudice can be the most dangerous kind of all.

“Gripping, amusing, thoughtful and hugely entertaining.” —Dean Koontz on The Day the Music Died

“Genuinely affecting.” —The Wall Street Journal on The Day the Music Died

“A story with bite and substance.” —Chicago Tribune on The Day the Music Died

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