The Devil Met A Lady by Stuart Kaminsky

The Devil Met A Lady by Stuart Kaminsky

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Protecting a starlet from kidnappers gets Toby Peters kidnapped himself

For Hollywood private eye Toby Peters, hell is Bette Davis. After two days locked in a hotel room with the Oscar-winning diva, her ice-queen persona and witty repartee are driving him mad. He’s there on behalf of her husband Albert Farnsworth, an aeronautics engineer with a head full of government secrets.

Blackmailers are threatening his wife, demanding plans for America’s new long-range bomber. Always eager to help out Uncle Sam, Toby hides Bette in a fleabag motel. After forty-eight hours together he’s fantasizing about killing his client. As it turns out, someone may do it for him. The thugs track them to the hotel and escort them out at gunpoint. He’ll have to crack the spy ring fast, lest this be Bette’s—and his—final performance.

“Another pleasantly foolish outing for Toby Peters (The Melting Clock, 1991, etc.), shamus to Hollywood's Golden Age stars.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Shades of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. If you think Stuart Kaminsky doesn't have a feeling for the best of both authors, you are in for a surprise.” —San Diego Union-Tribune

“Marvelously entertaining.” —Newsday

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