The Fear in Yesterday's Rings by George C. Chesbro

The Fear in Yesterday's Rings by George C. Chesbro

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“The most engaging detective in decades” returns to his big-top roots to solve some bizarre murders—but this time he’s working without a net (Library Journal).
With a genius IQ, a past career as a circus acrobat, and a black belt in karate, criminology professor Dr. Robert Frederickson—better known as “Mongo the Magnificent”—has a decidedly unusual background for a private investigator. He also just so happens to be a dwarf.
Mongo’s days as a professional acrobat are long over, but when he learns his former boss is down on his luck—and the circus has been sold—he heads to Florida to rally his fellow ex-performers to help buy back the spectacle they once called home.
With seductive snake charmer Harper Rhys-Whitney in tow, Mongo sets out to make a deal with the traveling show’s mysterious new owners. But when they track down the talented troupe in America’s heartland, Mongo and Harper discover something has shifted under the big top: A string of grisly murders has dogged the circus’s route, causing local tabloids to cry “Werewolf!”
Now, if he wants to save his old gig, Mongo will have to get back in the center ring to figure out what’s been going bump in the night . . .
The Fear in Yesterday’s Rings is the 10th book in the Mongo Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

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