The Soap Opera Slaughters by Marvin Kaye

The Soap Opera Slaughters by Marvin Kaye

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When a television writer takes a tumble, Hilary finds herself amidst the drama

The Hilary Quayle Mysteries, book 5 of 5

PR whiz Hilary Quayle not only fired her assistant, Gene, she also broke up with him on the same day. And since the implosion of their office romance, Gene has been stuck in Philadelphia, consoling himself with Riverday, a soap opera most notable for its star’s uncanny resemblance to his former boss. But one gray Pennsylvania day, he goes to the local shopping center, where his daytime idol is signing autographs. There he learns the star is Hilary’s cousin, and she has hired his beloved as her press agent. He is just beginning to woo his way back into his old job when murder intervenes.

In a plot twist suitable for the world of soaps, Riverday’s head writer takes a stark-naked swan dive off the roof of the TV studio. To protect her cousin, Hilary investigates the killing with Gene, as always, at her side. Determined to Hilary her back, Gene will stop at nothing—so long as he doesn’t find himself written out of the series.

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