The Weeping Woman by Michael Kilian

The Weeping Woman by Michael Kilian

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A Jazz Age rake investigates an utterly divine art-world mystery

Everyone who’s anyone knows Bedford Green. Once a merciless gossip columnist, he has given up the life of sleaze and secrets and decamped for the Village to open a gritty little art gallery showcasing the most shocking European artists imaginable. The gallery is a money pit, and Green is in debt to some of the roughest loan sharks south of 14th Street, but that doesn’t stop him from looking fabulous or having a good time. He’s the happiest in New York society—at least until his assistant starts to cry.

Sloane is a modern woman, a flapper with a razor-sharp bob and a bulletproof heart, but she’s convinced that her friend Polly Swanscott is in danger. From the speakeasies of the Village to the finest cafes in Paris, Green will do his best to save Polly—and he’ll do it with a cocktail in hand.

“A charming glimpse into the lives of the celebrities of the roaring 20s.” —Old Book Barn Gazette

“An exciting historical mystery.” —Midwest Book Review

“[Kilian] successfully combines the genre of historical novel and murder mystery.” —Booklist

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