Lone Wolves by George C. Chesbro

Lone Wolves by George C. Chesbro

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Wild stories featuring favorite characters from the Mongo Mysteries, including Mongo’s brother, Garth Frederickson, and ex–CIA agent/Vietnam vet Veil Kendry

Three very different sleuths—an ex–NYPD cop, a psychic painter and vigilante, and a former priest—handle unusual cases in this collection from the “unlimited imagination” of George C. Chesbro, creator of the one-of-a-kind dwarf detective, Mongo the Magnificent (Publishers Weekly).

When a mad scientist injected him with a rare drug, former policeman Garth Frederickson—brother of Dr. Robert Fredrickson, aka Mongo—developed the power to sense the often-malevolent feelings of those around him . . .

Veil Kendry, ex–CIA agent, Vietnam War veteran, and devoted martial arts instructor, almost died at birth. The damage left him with powerful dreams that have made him a successful abstract painter—and a dangerous vigilante . . .

Brendan Furie was once a priest who carried a Bible, but after a mishandled exorcism forced him out of the church, he became a PI armed with a gun . . .

In Lone Wolves, these unconventional antiheroes take on deadly militias, doomsday cults, East German secret police, alien abductions, telepathy experiments, Chinese street gangs, ghosts, demonic possessions, and more.

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