A Perfect Wife and Mother by Peter Israel

A Perfect Wife and Mother by Peter Israel

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Suburban calm is shattered when a mother’s worst nightmare comes true

She is twenty-one, gorgeous, and well mannered. She speaks English, she loves children, and children love her. Harriet Major is the perfect babysitter—almost too good to be true. Georgia Coffey has been searching for someone like Harriet ever since becoming pregnant with her second child. But in the sprawling suburbs of New York City, where the many bankers’ wives need a nanny for every baby, good help is hard to find. With her husband hard at work on Wall Street and a new child only two months away, Georgia is desperate to find someone to watch little Justin—and Harriet knows how to take advantage of a desperate mother.

When the babysitter disappears with Justin, Georgia feels her world coming apart at the seams. As the search for her child becomes frantic, she discovers that the kidnapping has its roots on the same big-name street where her husband has made his fortune.

“One of the best suspense novels I’ve read in years.” —Stephen King

“Wonderfully suspenseful . . . Brisk, fluid and entrancing.” —Publishers Weekly

“A taut, fast-paced tale of suburban suspense.” —Library Journal

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