Bleeding Hearts by Jane Haddam

Bleeding Hearts by Jane Haddam

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Demarkian attempts a good deed on Valentine’s Day: saving a neighbor from jail

Psychiatrist Paul Hazzard was renowned for his insights into the human mind, until his wife was savagely murdered. She was stabbed to death with an ornamental dagger, a grisly crime for which Paul was tried but never convicted. Four years later, to escape his greedy family and his former mistress, Paul takes an unlikely lover: the homely, middle-aged Hannah Krekorian. Hannah’s neighbors, including former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian, are charmed by the sudden romance—until they find her holding an antique dagger over Paul’s bloody body.

The police are convinced of Hannah’s guilt, but Demarkian knows his neighbor could never stab Paul to death. Hannah’s valentine may be gone, but if Gregor works a miracle, she’ll have something even better come February 14th: her freedom.

“A rattling good puzzle, a varied and appealing cast, and a detective whose work carries a rare stamp of authority. . . . This one is a treat!” —Kirkus Reviews

“Charmingly original, with the occasional cuteness redeemed by a suddenly exposed hard edge.” —Publishers Weekly

“[Haddam] sets her holiday scenes with colorful detail.” —New York Times

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