Death's Savage Passion by Jane Haddam

Death's Savage Passion by Jane Haddam

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McKenna investigates the first casualty in a New York literary war

The romance boom has ended, and the women who made fortunes writing bodice-rippers are now scribbling mysteries instead. When the genre’s “true” authors fight back, a battle breaks out in every high-class gin joint in Manhattan. It is take-no-prisoners fighting, and Patience McKenna is caught in the middle.

This ex-romance author has just turned to true crime writing when Sarah English comes to visit. A would-be romance writer from the Great Plains, English is dowdy, wide-eyed, and naïve—but she is about to toughen up. When a fading romance writer gets pushed in front of a subway train, English is among the suspects. To prove her new friend innocent, McKenna will need the skills gleaned in both her literary genres.

“Haddam plays the mystery game like a master.” —Chicago Tribune

“[Haddam’s] writing is breezy and marked by deft turns of phrase.” —New York Times

“Charmingly original, with the occasional cuteness redeemed by a suddenly exposed hard edge.” —Publishers Weekly, on Bleeding Hearts

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