Once and Always Murder by Jane Haddam

Once and Always Murder by Jane Haddam

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Back in her hometown, McKenna quickly remembers why she left

Waverly, Connecticut, has turned its back on most modern conveniences. It has no cinema, no strip malls, no supermarket. Groceries are nearly an hour’s drive away, along spotty two-lane roads that get blocked the moment snow starts to fall. True-crime writer Patience McKenna, on her way to Waverly for her wedding, remembers the roads well enough to navigate the patch ice. Her hometown feels lost in time, but on this trip, it will be anything but boring. Bloody, yes, but never dull.

An old-money quarrel over a piece of land turns violent just a few days before her wedding. Members of McKenna’s family start dropping, and while the world may be better off without her crackpot relatives, Pay needs to clean up the mess. She wanted a white wedding—not one that’s blood red.

“Haddam plays the mystery game like a master.” —Chicago Tribune

“[Haddam’s] writing is breezy and marked by deft turns of phrase.” —New York Times

“Charmingly original, with the occasional cuteness redeemed by a suddenly exposed hard edge.” —Publishers Weekly

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