When the Dark Man Calls by Stuart Kaminsky

When the Dark Man Calls by Stuart Kaminsky

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A radio therapist is haunted by her parents’ killer

It is 1957, and Jean Kaiser is pretending to sleep. She strains her ears to hear her parents, waiting for them to go to bed so she can indulge in her great joy—listening to the far-off radio stations that play Paul Anka, Pat Boone, and Elvis. But instead of bedtime sounds, she hears her mother’s voice calling her name so strangely that Jean thinks it must be a nightmare. When she awakes in the morning, the nightmare is real—a killer has slaughtered her parents.

More than two decades later, Jean has done her best to move past her childhood trauma, parlaying a degree in psychology into a position as the host of a radio call-in show. One night, an anonymous caller reaches out to her, talking menacingly about unfinished business. When Jean and her daughter, Angie, get home, they find their pet parakeet crushed to death over Jean’s bed. Her parents’ killer has reemerged ready to tie up loose ends, meaning mortal danger not just for Jean, but for Angie, too.

“A chilling atmosphere of terror. . . . A stunning thriller.” —Booklist

“A real thriller, full of atmosphere and dark menace. Don’t start reading it late at night unless you’re prepared to lose sleep.” —Bill Pronzini, creator of the Nameless Detective series

“Sure-handed, hip, savvy, even witty.” —Publishers Weekly

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