Wife or Death by Ellery Queen

Wife or Death by Ellery Queen

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A journalist accused of murdering his unfaithful wife searches for the real killer

Angel Denton’s extramarital activities are the worst-kept secret in town. Jim Denton has endured the cuckold’s horns for ages, but by midnight on Halloween he’s finally fed up. Deserted at a masquerade ball, he takes refuge at the bar while his wife flirts her way up and down the dance floor in a costume so revealing she risks being arrested for indecency. Lightning strikes, the electricity goes out, and Denton overhears his wife planning a tryst with another man. The next morning, he finds a note saying that she’s leaving him. And he never sees Angel alive again.

A week later, the police find Angel in the woods, her once-beautiful body mangled by wild dogs. Everyone is sure Denton killed her, and to save his own neck, the desperate husband will have to find Angel’s last lover—and take revenge.

“Ellery Queen clearly is, after Poe, the most important American in mystery fiction.” —Otto Penzler, editor of TheBest American Mystery Stories

“A new Ellery Queen book has always been something to look forward to for many years now.” —Agatha Christie

“Ellery Queen is the American detective story.” —Anthony Boucher, author of Nine Times Nine

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