Murder with a Past by Ellery Queen

Murder with a Past by Ellery Queen

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David Tully hunts for a burglar’s killer in order to save his wife

It’s been 3 days since David Tully has seen his wife, and there’s a homicide cop waiting at his front door. Someone has been murdered, but it’s not Ruth Tully. The dead man is Crandall Cox. The name is unfamiliar, but he was killed with Tully’s gun. At the time of the murder, Tully was hard at work at the state capital. His alibi may be airtight, but his wife’s is not. There’s a warrant out for Ruth’s arrest, and if the cops find her before Tully can uncover the truth, she’ll get the chair.

Nobody is sorry to see Crandall Cox dead. He was a crook, with dirt on every man in town and an eye on every woman. Finding his killer will drag Tully into the mud, but he’ll brave anything to keep his beloved alive.

“Ellery Queen clearly is, after Poe, the most important American in mystery fiction.” —Otto Penzler, editor of TheBest American Mystery Stories

“A new Ellery Queen book has always been something to look forward to for many years now.” —Agatha Christie

“Ellery Queen is the American detective story.” —Anthony Boucher, author of Nine Times Nine

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