Practice to Deceive by David Housewright

Practice to Deceive by David Housewright

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A real estate scam tips Holland Taylor off to a widespread, deadly conspiracy

When a drunk driver kills her entire family, Florida retiree Irene Gustafson is left rich and alone. Between savings and life insurance, the death of her son and his family leaves her with nearly $300,000—a veritable fortune in a community where most live off social security. Following the advice of Ann Landers, Mrs. Gustafson hands the money over to an investment manager. The returns are steady until he starts investing in Willow Tree, a low-income housing development on the fringes of the Twin Cities. The money vanishes, and Mrs. Gustafson is destitute.

That’s where Holland Taylor, Minneapolis private detective, comes in. His recently retired parents are Mrs. Gustafson’s neighbors, and they want Taylor to recover the old lady’s money. It seems impossible, but as he investigates Willow Tree he finds a twisted real-estate conspiracy with deep roots in city politics—and a vicious killer hired to protect the secret.

“Housewright follows up his Edgar-winning debut with a greased-lightning tale of scam and counterscam that’s still bubbling merrily when the fat lady sings.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The story moves swiftly . . . The characters are colorful . . . . For readers who appreciate a fast-paced, event-packed story line, Housewright delivers.” —St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Housewright tells a good story in a setting he makes his own . . . . Housewright’s wit should earn him acclaim.”�€�Publisher’s Weekly

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