Forever and Five Days by Lowell Cauffiel

Forever and Five Days by Lowell Cauffiel

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In a small-town retirement home, two nurses make a bloody pact

Outside the dining hall of the Alpine Manor nursing home, there is a sign that reads, "This is Grand Rapids, Michigan," a reminder for those who can no longer trust their own minds. For months, Cathy Wood has fed these residents, bathed them, and even moistened their eyes with artificial tears. To her, they live in a state worse than death-and she has decided to relieve them of their pain. Wood and her lover, Gwen Graham, make a pact to kill those whom they were hired to care for. No one notices when an elderly person dies a quiet death, but as these two slip deeper into their plan, the terrible secret becomes unbearable.

Lowell Cauffiel's account of the Alpine Manor murders is a chilling saga of true crime and the twisted lengths to which some will go in pursuit of justice.

“Lowell Cauffiel is the future of true crime!” —Jack Olsen, author of Son

“An auspicious debut . . . Sensitive and searching.” —Publishers Weekly

“The terrifying story of obsession and the power of a diabolical mind. A terrific read!” —Vincent Bugliosi, author of And the Sea Will Tell

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