Roberta Rogow

Roberta Rogow (b. 1942) is an author of speculative fiction. A professional children's librarian, she began writing fan fiction in 1973 after a love of Star Trek lured her to her first science fiction convention. After several years publishing stories in fanzines, she founded Grip, a multimedia zine focusing on Star Trek and other science fiction, in 1978. After retiring the zine in 1996, Rogow published her first novel, The Problem of the Missing Miss (1998), which began the four-volume Charles Dodgson and Arthur Conan Doyle Mysteries.

Rogow's most recent novel is Murders in Manatas (2013). She is also a musician who has been playing sci-fi-inspired folk music since the 1970s.

"Part of the fun here lies in the reluctant partnership, but there are other spunky characters to watch as well. A good Victorian historical." -Library Journal

"Thick with intrigue . . . A rank above most period tales." -Publishers Weekly on The Problem of the Spiteful Spiritualist

"Entertaining . . . An engaging read." -Booklist on The Problem of the Evil Editor

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