Basic Law by J. Sydney Jones

Basic Law by J. Sydney Jones

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A peace-seeking man must unravel the mystery that led to his former lover’s death

Expat American journalist Sam Kramer is burned out: too many dead bodies, too many wars covered, too little meaning in it all. He’s got a dead-end job at the Daily European as the correspondent for Vienna, where nothing happens now that the Cold War is over. And that is exactly how Kramer likes it.

But his private neutral zone is shattered with news of the suicide of Reni Müller, a German left-wing firebrand and Kramer’s long-estranged ex-girlfriend. To his surprise, Kramer suddenly finds himself the executor of Reni’s literary estate—but the damning memoir named in her will is nowhere to be found. Tracking down the manuscript will lead Kramer to the unsettling truth of Reni’s death, drawing him back into the days of the Cold War and showing him the dark side of the woman he loved.

“Jones’ measured, stately prose is perfectly in tune with his period setting.” —Kirkus Reviews on The Silence

“An intricately plotted, gracefully written, and totally immersive read.” —Library Journal on The Silence

“[Jones] smoothly blends a compelling period whodunit with bountiful cultural and social details.” —Publishers Weekly on Requiem in Vienna

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