Do They Know I'm Running? by David Corbett

Do They Know I'm Running? by David Corbett

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Caught up in a scheme to smuggle his deported uncle back across the border, a young American must fight to save his family, himself, and the woman he loves

At eighteen, Roque Montalvo is a gifted guitarist and a hit with women, but the rest of his life is a struggle. Orphaned at birth and scraping by in a rough Northern California town, he helps support his hardworking aunt and tends to his ex-marine brother—a physical and emotional wreck after his tour in Iraq. Then, to make matters worse, his uncle gets snared in a workplace raid and federal immigration agents deport him back to El Salvador.

When Montalvo’s loose-cannon cousin, himself a former deportee, shows up unannounced, he draws Montalvo into a scheme to rescue his uncle and bring him back home. It’s a perilous undertaking in the best of cases, now that gangs and organized crime control the smuggling routes, and the risk ratchets higher when Montalvo learns he’ll be transporting not just his uncle, but also a Palestinian refugee and a young beauty destined for the clutches of a fierce Mexican crime boss. A gritty, realistic, and unforgettable adventure where all borders are tested, Do They Know I’m Running? tightropes the perilous line between menace and hope, danger and home.

"Why is David Corbett the next big American novelist? Because he knows what he's doing. Do They Know I'm Running? will bring you up to speed on just how much a single novel can still change your life."—Len Wanner, author of The Crime of It All

“A rich, hard-hitting epic that illuminates the violent and surreal landscapes of Central America and Mexico.”—Publisher’s Weekly

“Powerful, evocative . . . Readers who devour and then forget formulaic crime novels won’t soon forget this one.”—Booklist

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