The Cases of Susan Dare by Mignon Eberhart

The Cases of Susan Dare by Mignon Eberhart

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A mystery author finds her knowledge of murder put to practical use

Inside the lovely head of Susan Dare, grisly murder lurks. A mystery author who makes her living providing tidy solutions to imaginary crimes, Dare is enjoying a much-needed vacation when the mood at her host’s house turns sour. Ugly secrets lurk in the Frame family’s past, and jealousy stirs beneath the surface of their tranquil country estate. Dare makes plans to leave before her hosts turn on each other, but she is too late. On the morning of her departure, a gunshot echoes through the fog. Only a beautiful author with a head full of murder mysteries can pinpoint the killer.

In this handful of elegant, classic stories, Mignon Eberhart’s amateur detective proves her worth time and time again. Decades before Murder, She Wrote, Eberhart realized that those who write mysteries can solve them too.

“Curious cases . . . with singularly elusive clues and equally elusive motives. . . . Eberhart brings out the element of horror to the full.” - New York Times

“You can’t beat Mignon Eberhart.” - New York Herald Tribune

“One of the great ladies of twentieth-century mystery fiction.” - John Jakes, author of the Kent Family Chronicles

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