The Enchanted Isle by James M. Cain

The Enchanted Isle by James M. Cain

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While searching for her father, a runaway stumbles into a deadly mess

At thirteen, Mandy was too old for spanking when her stepfather first took her over his knee. She’s didn’t mind the pain, but hated the look in his eye and his lingering hand. By the time she’s fifteen, this young spitfire can’t take any more of his unwanted groping. With seventy-four bucks in her pocket, she packs her things and buys the bus ticket that will change her life.

She meets Rick at the bus stop—a handsome young thug who’s a few days removed from his last bath. He’s charming and sympathetic, so she buys him a ticket and, on the ride to Baltimore, tells him that she’s going to find her real father. But wouldn’t it be better, Rick suggests, to greet Daddy in style? Of course, a mink coat would cost a little money, but Rick knows just where to get it. His plan is daring, foolish, and highly dangerous. What teenage runaway could resist?

“A poet of the tabloid murder.” —Edmund Wilson

“Marked with Cain’s tough-guy touch and timing.” —Publishers Weekly

“Nobody else has ever quite pulled it off the way Cain does, not Hemingway, and not even Raymond Chandler. Cain is a master of the change of pace.” —Tom Wolfe

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Girl in the Cadillac is a crime drama film released in 1995. The film stars Erika Eleniak and William McNamara. It was based on the novel The Enchanted Isle by James M. Cain. 

A woman called Mandy (Eleniak) runs away from her home. She meets Rick (McNamara) at a bus station who takes her with him to a rendezvouz with a pair of bank robbers. After listening to their plan, Mandy agrees to drive the getaway car for $5,000, when they convince her everything will go smoothly...

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