Murder on the Yellow Brick Road by Stuart Kaminsky

Murder on the Yellow Brick Road by Stuart Kaminsky

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Toby Peters investigates threats to Judy Garland and a body on the MGM lot

A year after The Wizard of Oz’s smash success, the yellow brick road is crumbling. The famous sets are stashed on a soundstage in the depths of the MGM back lot while the studio plans a sequel, and a strange addition has just been made to the scene: a munchkin in full costume lying facedown with a knife buried in his back.

The studio boss calls Toby Peters, a Hollywood detective with a reputation for discretion, and asks for help keeping the murder quiet. MGM is a family company, and Judy Garland, who found the body, is a wholesome actress whose rising star cannot risk a whiff of scandal. But as Peters quickly learns, the threat to Miss Garland isn’t the tabloids: It’s the psychopathic killer whose turf is the back lot, and whose crime of choice is the murder of the silver screen’s finest.

“Clark Gable and Raymond Chandler give an assist in this imaginative mystery recreated from yesterday’s movie-land.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Reminiscent of Chandler.” —Publishers Weekly

“Marvelously entertaining.” —Newsday

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