Shallow Graves by Jeremiah Healy

Shallow Graves by Jeremiah Healy

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A model’s murder takes Cuddy into the jaws of the Boston mob

She was born Tina Danucci, but modeled as Mau Tim Dani., Her friends find the slender beauty strangled to death in her apartment, a priceless necklace of hers nowhere in sight. The police dismiss the murder as an impossible-to-solve botched robbery, so the insurance company hires John Francis Cuddy to do what the homicide detectives can’t. But there’s something the cops know that Cuddy doesn’t: Tina’s murder isn’t just hard to solve, it could be deadly.

Tina was the granddaughter of Tommy “the Temper” Danucci, the invisible face of the Boston mafia. She turned her back on him to become a model, but hers is the kind of family that never forgets a child. Once Danucci learns that the police have lost interest in the case, he puts the screws to Cuddy. This is one murder Cuddy has no choice but to crack.

“A deftly plotted and satisfying story.” —Publishers Weekly

“Healy has put together a whodunit that rivals . . . Elmore Leonard and Lawrence Sanders.” —Copley News Service

“A gold mine for the incisive character work that goes along with Mr. Healy’s mousetrap timing and tight plotting.” —The New York Times Book Review

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