Swan Dive by Jeremiah Healy

Swan Dive by Jeremiah Healy

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A stint as a bodyguard sucks Cuddy into a vicious divorce case

Divorce will not be easy for Hanna Marsh. Her drug-dealing husband, Roy, is a cruel man, whose greed makes him unwilling to part with anything he owns—including his money, wife, and daughter. Hanna’s lawyer is terrified of Roy, but has the sense to hire John Francis Cuddy, private detective, to protect Hanna during the negotiations. Cuddy doesn’t wait to get mean with Roy, and the result of his tough talk is clear as soon as they return to Hanna’s temporary residence: her daughter’s kitten slaughtered on the floor.

Cuddy makes Roy pay for his vile behavior, humiliating the drug pusher in an attempt to set his wife free. But when Roy takes a headfirst dive out a hotel window, leaving behind a murdered prostitute and a missing shipment of cocaine, suspicion falls on Cuddy. To save his client’s life, Cuddy must put his own on the line.

“Street-smart dialogue . . . astute sleuthing.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Sizzling . . . a knockout . . . A beguiling sense of humor, ingenious plotting and avoidance of shallow sentimentality are traits that take Healy’s novels to the top.” —Publishers Weekly

“Healy’s original characters and clever plotting bring a new realism to the field.” —Gregory McDonald, author of Fletch

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