Sherlock Holmes by Barry Day

Sherlock Holmes by Barry Day

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A delightful biography of Sherlock Holmes that draws on quotations from Dr. Watson

More has been written about Sherlock Holmes in a century than was written about Shakespeare in four. It is a testament to the enduring allure of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s great detective that long after his last bow, devotees of Baker Street have continued to produce stories, films, and television works based on the life of Sherlock Holmes. Nothing new can match the brilliant intensity of the original, however, and so Barry Day has produced this invaluable biography of Holmes, drawn from the words of the man who knew him best: Dr. John Watson.

From their first days at 221B Baker Street to the tragedy at the Reichenbach Falls, and continuing on after Holmes’s glorious resurrection and retirement, Day compiles every detail given in the original stories about the life of the great detective, hoping to solve the most baffling mystery of all: What sort of man was Sherlock Holmes?

“A thoroughly enjoyable book, filled with fun quotes and beautiful full page illustrations which take up close to a third of the book and are well worth the price on their own.” —TheStrand Magazine

“A clever and refreshing idea. An easy and entertaining read.” —Sherlock

“There can never be enough of the world of Sherlock Holmes, and Barry Day’s volume certainly provides an enticing introduction to that world.” —Nicholas Utechin, editor of the Sherlock Holmes Journal

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