Ark by Charles McCarry

Ark by Charles McCarry

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Earth’s wealthiest man attempts to save humanity from a coming apocalypse 

The planet’s first and only trillionaire, Henry Peel, did not make his fortune by being a fool. A gifted inventor and scientist, he possesses an imagination on the scale of history’s greatest thinkers, and he has turned it to the problem of Earth’s core. Two decades ago, scientists learned that the core spins faster than the rest of the planet, storing up a cache of energy that, if released, could cause an earthquake that would obliterate human life. To begin mankind anew, Henry Peel is going to lead us to the stars. 

He gathers the world’s leading physicists and engineers and asks them to design a spaceship large enough to safeguard a sample of humanity and durable enough to survive a thousand-year voyage. Money is no object, but time is short. The apocalypse is on its way.

“[McCarry] ranks up there with Le Carré in a select class of two.” —The Daily Mail

“Charles McCarry is the best modern writer on the subject of intrigue—by the breadth of Alan Furst, by the fathom of Eric Ambler, by any measure.” —P.J. O’Rourke

“McCarry’s thrillers really thrill, his political insight is praised by senior politicians and his erudition, experience and good writing turn spy stories into literature. McCarry and his dynamic alter-egos wipe the floor with the opposition.” —Telegraph

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