The Final Count by H. C. McNeile

The Final Count by H. C. McNeile

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To save England, Bulldog Drummond prepares for a final showdown with his greatest nemesis

It has been years since Bulldog Drummond, World War I hero and bruising champion of democracy, saw any sign of the archfiend known as Carl Peterson. The sinister master of disguise may have gone to ground, but Drummond knows he is out there somewhere, waiting for a final opportunity to spread deadly terror across the capitals of Western Europe. He is about to get his chance.

A few years after the armistice, British inventor Robin Gaunt puts the finishing touches on a superweapon with the capacity to slaughter an entire nation in an instant. Just before he can deliver his invention to the army, he vanishes, leaving behind no trace but a dead terrier. If Gaunt’s weapon falls into Peterson’s hands, the criminal mastermind will have the power to bend the world to his will. Tracking him down will be Bulldog’s greatest adventure yet—and perhaps his last.

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“[A] good, galloping tale, audacious and startling enough in its theme and developments to make anyone who likes that kind of a story forget to go to bed at the proper time or eat when he is hungry.” —The New York Times on Bulldog Drummond

“A rattling good yarn.” —The Guardian on Bulldog Drummond

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Between the years of 1922 and 1969, 25 films were made featuring the Bulldog Drummond character. The character was portrayed by many different actors, but, in the 30s, was most consistently played by John Howard. 1938's Bulldog Drummond's Peril was based on the McNeile novel The Third Round, and The Final Count was adapted with the title Arrest Bulldog Drummond. In the late 60s, director Ralph Thomas revamped the series with two movies starring Richard Johnson, intended to tap into the success of the Bond films made during that decade. 

For a complete list of films featuring Bulldog Drummond, visit the IMDb page about the character.