Stephen Solomita

Aliases: David Cray

Stephen Solomita

Stephen Solomita (b. 1943) is a prolific author of thrillers. Born in Bayside, Queens, he worked as a cab driver before becoming a novelist in the late 1980s. His first novel, A Twist of the Knife (1988), won acclaim for its intimate depiction of New York’s rough patches, its gritty style, and its dark vision of urban terrorism. This debut introduced Stanley Moodrow, a disaffected New York Police Department detective. Solomita wrote six more novels starring Moodrow, moving the character into a PI practice, and concluded the series with Damaged Goods (1996).

Solomita continued writing in the same hard-boiled style, producing tough, standalone novels such as Mercy Killing (2009) and Angel Face (2011). Under the pseudonym David Cray, he writes thrillers such as Dead Is Forever (2004), a traditional mystery in the mode of Ellery Queen. His most recent novel is Dancer in the Flames (2012). Solomita continues to live and write in New York City. You can find his website at this link

“[Solomita] proves a master manipulator, treating the trial scenes with sardonic humor while taking us through the brick-by-brick process by which Sid builds his brilliant legal case and seals his fate.” —New York Times

“Solomita knows his city and his people, and he writes with both muscle and sensitivity.” —Los Angeles Times

“A keen observer of humanity.” —Publishers Weekly

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