Six new George Bellairs eBooks!

We've just added six new Thomas Littlejohn mysteries from George Bellairs! Titles added include The Case of the Seven Whistlers, Calamity at Harwood, Death in the Night Watches, Outrage on Gallows Hill, The Case of the Headless Jesuit, and The Crime at Halfpenny Bridge.

The books are classic Golden Age-style mysteries that follow the adventures of a low-key Scotland Yard investigator, Thomas Littlejohn. Whether the case is a strangled poet (Outrage on Gallows Hill) or a murder attributed to a ghost (Calamity at Harwood; The Case of the Headless Jesuit), it always seems to find Littlejohn drawn away from his urban stomping grounds, out into the villages of southern England.

In many, such as The Crime at Halfpenny Bridge or Death in the Night Watches, Littlejohn's investigations take place against the backdrop of World War II, as murders and other suspicious deaths continue to occur on the empty streets of the home front. Prompting comparison to such masters as Dorothy L. Sayers or Agatha Christie, the exploits of this famous detective are not to be missed.

George Bellairs was a pseudonym of Harold Blundell (1902-1985). The author of over fifty novels, Bellairs' most successful books were those featuring the Thomas Littlejohn character, though he wrote standalone novels as well. The Littlejohn series was concluded in 1980 with An Old Man Dies. You can learn more about Bellairs at his author page

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