Murder by Reflection by H.F. Heard

Murder by Reflection by H.F. Heard

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A couple’s bizarre fantasy life goes awry in this electric psychological thriller for fans of The Talented Mr. Ripley

Arnoldo Signori has always dreamed of following Alice through the looking glass. He yearns to escape New York and slip back into the glorious eighteenth century, to a time when culture reigned, art was plentiful, and people lived with effortless style. He’d do anything to escape the present day, even if it means living as a slave, and he’s about to get his chance.
Arnoldo has only just met the eccentric millionaire Irene Ibis, but he can tell that they’re kindred spirits. She offers to use her wealth to realize his fantasies of living “habited in art” on the condition that Arnoldo hand over every detail of his life to her. She marries him, moves him to Arizona, and installs him in a simulated eighteenth-century palace that surpasses everything he’s ever dreamed of. But when the veil of fantasy slips, murder will result, and neither Irene nor Arnoldo will be able to hide in the past.
One of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, H. F. Heard was also one of its most original mystery authors. This novel, hailed as a “psychological horror story . . . of spine-tingling originality and excellence” by the New York Times, remains utterly unique and deeply chilling.

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