Ellis Peters

Aliases: Edith Pargeter

Ellis Peters was a pseudonym for Edith Mary Pargeter (1913-1995), a British author credited for popularizing the historical mystery with her Brother Cadfael Chronicles. Cadfael, a Welsh Benedictine monk living at Shrewsbury Abbey in the first half of the 12th century, has been described as combining the curious mind of a scientist with the bravery of a knight-errant. The character has been adapted for television, and the books drew international attention to Shrewsbury and its history.

Pargeter won an Edgar Award in 1963 for Death and the Joyful Woman, and in 1993 she won the Cartier Diamond Dagger, an annual award given by the Crime Writers' Association of Great Britain. She was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1994, and in 1999 the British Crime Writers' Association established the Ellis Peters Historical Dagger award (later called the Ellis Peters Historical Award).

“You'll love Brother Cadfael, wily veteran of the Crusades. . . .This was England before the age of tea and crumpets.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Each addition to the series is a joy. Long may the Chronicles continue.” —USA Today

“Delightful. . .a colorful and authentic medieval background fraught with swordplay and a challenge to the death.” —Publishers Weekly

“A more attractive and prepossessing detective would be hard to find.” —Sunday Times

“Wonderful history lessons wrapped up in a mystery and served with style and grace.” —Cincinnati Post

“Some of the most elegant, unstilted prose being written in mystery.” —Chicago Sun-Times

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