John Gardner

John Gardner

John Gardner (1926–2007) was a British novelist best known for writing spy thrillers. During World War II, Gardner served in the Home Guard and the Royal Marine commandos. At war’s end decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an Anglican priest. After five years in the church, Gardner left to pursue journalism. His first book, Spin the Bottle (1964), was a memoir about his struggles with alcoholism. That year, he also published a spy novel that would make him famous.

The Liquidator introduced Boysie Oakes, an international man of mystery whose extreme cowardice makes him afraid to use his license to kill. Gardner published eight novels in the series, and his success spoofing James Bond led the publishers of the Bond novels to hire him to continue the series after creator Ian Fleming’s death. In addition to writing more than a dozen Bond books, Gardner created series characters Herbie Kruger and Suzie Mountford. His last novel was the posthumously published Moriarty (2008). You can find his website at this link

“Gardner writes with authenticity . . . he is one of the best writers of espionage fiction.” —Booklist

“Sweaty tension, duplicity, violence and racking suspense, by a writer in full mastery of his spy-fiction craft.” —Tribune 

“[Gardner] has a first-rate intelligence chief in Big Herbie Kruger.” —Daily Telegraph

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