Malcolm Shuman

Aliases: M.S. Karl, M. K. Shuman

Malcolm Shuman is an American author and archaeologist from Louisiana. After serving in the US Army, Shuman pursued doctoral studies in the field of cultural anthropology. He has been on the faculty of universities including Texas A&I and Louisiana State, and continues to work as a contract archaeologist.

Shuman has also published fifteen mystery novels under the names M.S. Karl, M. K. Shuman, and Malcolm Shuman. He lives with his wife in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“Quick-paced. . . . Shuman's cast is full of recognizable, fully fleshed-out characters, the dialogue is sprightly and realistic, and Dunn's handicap (his left arm doesn't work) is sensitively presented.” —Publishers Weekly 

“Well-drawn characters, good dialogue and a fine use of New Orleans as a backdrop make The Caesar Clue a good choice for the crime addict with a taste for what’s sinister in the South.” —Times-Picayune

“Deep Kill is a dizzying whirl through New Orleans’ underworld of petty crooks, voodoo fakes and religious salesman with political agendas.” —The Houston Post

“There’s a touch of Sam Spade in the telling of the story… Shuman paints a vivid picture not only of New Orleans but of the effects of a heinous accusation on the life of a man.” —Baton Rouge Advocate

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